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5. The Riggins Tract

Date of Purchase: September 26, 1996

Location: Lowndes County; Township 16N, Range 15E, Sections 19 & 30

Acreage: 624 Acres

The Riggins Tract is operated, along with other federal and state land acquisitions in the area, as part of the Lowndes Wildlife Management Area.  It is used primarily for public hunting.

The Riggins Tract is in one of Alabama’s prime hunting areas. Deer and furbearer populations are high; rabbit and squirrel populations are good; quail, dove and duck populations are fair; and the turkey population is moderate. General hunting is by permit issued at several local businesses or by Area Biologist Chris Jaworowski at 125 Davis Circle; Lowndesboro, AL 36752; Phone (334)874-4471. In addition, deer and turkey hunting requires a Big Game Management Area License. Hunting seasons, bag limits and allowable weapons are the same for the Riggins Tract as for the rest of the Lowndes WMA with the exception that only bow hunting is allowed within the 40-acre block shown on the tract map. There are no shooting stands or houses provided but portable stands or blinds may be brought in, used and removed on a daily basis. Deer hunting is by stalking only. Dogs are only allowed to hunt fox, quail, rabbit, raccoon and squirrel outside of deer season. The area is under constant monitoring by Conservation Enforcement Officers.

The Riggins Tract is easily accessed along its southern end by Lowndes County Road 40 and from the western side by Newport Landing Road. Parking areas are provided along both roads. Gates may or may not be locked to control traffic and prevent dumping. Only foot travel is permitted within the Riggins Tract; no 4-wheelers or other vehicles are allowed for non-Conservation personnel. Exterior boundary lines are well painted and marked with State Property and Wildlife Management Area signs. Please observe safe, legal and ethical hunting practices while respecting the rights of adjoining, private landowners and other community residents. Please do not litter.


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