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Fishing Tips

Alabama Fishing Tips

"It only takes a minimal amount of knowledge and skill to enjoy fishing, and all the rest is just a variation on that theme." Marc Johnson

Fishing TipsSomebody special catch their first fish? Commemorate it with a First Fish Certificate!

Our Basic Fishing book is available as a PDF download.

The Shakespeare Company offers free fishing tips and rigging in a PDF.

Spring fishing tips are available for crappie, largemouth bass and bluegill. Watch a video about vertical fishing for crappie.

Tips for a safe fishing trip, safety and ethics, and tips for taking kids fishing.

You may find additional fishing tips at www.TakeMeFishing.org

LakeChamplainAngler.comFishing satisfies some of the needs that kids have.

Find places to fish in your area.

Fishing Tips Depot has more tips for various species. Discounts for fishing magazines may be found at www.magazinediscountcenter.com/category/fishing.html.


Take someone fishing!
There is nothing like being with someone as they catch their biggest fish ever.

The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation has uncovered the following useful statistics about youth engagement in the outdoors:

- 75% of teachers feel students who regularly spend time outdoors are more creative and better problem solvers.
- Only one third of high school students get their recommended levels of physical activity.
- 90 percent of adult outdoor enthusiasts were introduced by a parent to outdoor activities between the ages of 5 and 18.
- A lack of time is the top barrier keeping youth non-participants in outdoor recreation indoors.
- While 26 percent of children say that mobile technologies take away from their enjoyment of outdoor activities, 41 percent of adolescents and 56 percent of young adults say mobile technologies add to their outdoor experiences. 

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